Bringing VR experiences to life with sound: SK8 Chickens

By The Meta Sound Design Team
2 min to read
February 22, 2023
A digitally rendered chicken rides a skateboard in virtual reality.


What does the future sound like? Take a behind-the-scenes look at how sound and visuals come together to create entertaining and immersive experiences in VR.

A squad of digitally rendered chickens skates toward you, doing tricks on their skateboards.
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Sound brings virtual experiences to life. At Meta, sound designers, audio engineers, composers and many other audio specialists are thinking about how we’ll inspire and empower the next generation of creators.

In this video, we take a behind-the-scenes look at how sound and visuals come together to create entertaining, immersive titles like SK8 Chickens for Quest TV. Created by Goro F., an art director at Meta, SK8 Chickens is an animated short film in stereoscopic 3D. Goro was inspired by skateboarding clips he found on Instagram and decided to reimagine them in virtual reality (VR) — with his own comedic twist. The film shows how we can solve the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the emerging medium of VR. From music to sound effects, each facet of the audio is there to drive the story forward, help people navigate the space and create a vivid sense of realism.

Without dynamic, spatialized audio, we can’t truly deliver the feelings of presence and immersion people expect from virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Projects like SK8 Chickens give us a chance to develop, test and use new tools and processes that set the bar for audio in the metaverse.

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