Brand designers at Meta create the

strategic and conceptual foundations

for how our brands come to life. They

are both thinkers and makers, designing

world-class identity systems that are

expressed in products, communications,

experiences and an ever-expanding

range of surfaces, including the

metaverse. In every context, we aim

to build a connection between our

products and the people who use them.

Three women stand at a table, looking at a laptop and smiling.

“At Meta, brand design is understood to be an essential part of our success, not only for individual products and technologies, but for broad strategic objectives. We are in uncharted territory in terms of innovation and experimentation, and our audience is essentially the whole world. We design brands that are not just beautiful, but inclusive and accessible to people everywhere.”

Portrait of Christy Silva, brand designer at Meta.

Christy S.

Creative Director

Brand design is the creative intersection of strategy, product and marketing. We work cross functionally and collaborate with both internal and external partners to develop visual identity systems and brand elements, including logos, typography, color palettes, illustration, motion, iconography, photography and art direction. Brand designers also create the supporting guidance and structures that ensure our brands remain consistent, coherent and harmonious when used at scale.

Four people sit around a table, talking and smiling.

At Meta, brand design teams work at the very edge of our discipline, imagining how brands will be expressed in emerging environments — including some that don’t yet exist. Brand design at Meta has exceptional scope and impact, crafting brand systems for products used by billions of people around the world.

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Design at Meta is a window into the unique expertise and perspectives of the multidisciplinary teams who are building the future of digital connection and bringing the world closer together.