Design and Research Program Managers

at Meta are passionate connectors

and problem solvers. Program managers

support the operational success of

product teams, enabling them to focus

their time on designing, building and

shipping products.

" Community is at the core of our mission at Facebook. That said, when growing our teams, we often ask ourselves, how are we supposed to build products that enable people to build communities if we can’t first build really strong communities inside the company? "

Kate S.

Director, Design Program Management

Design Program Managers are part of the Product Design organization and partner with design leadership to work on problems that matter. We drive efficiency and simplicity, cultivate relationships, build capacity and influence outcomes.

Research Program Managers are part of the UX Research organization and partner with research leadership to build the infrastructure needed to do research at scale—spanning everything from participant recruiting, vendor and tools management, learning development, onboarding, lab facilitation and other programs.

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