Content designers bring clarity,

consistency and compassion to

Meta’s products. We provide the

context and guidance that help people

understand the value of our products

and how to use them. We design with

the world in mind, creating solutions

that meet the needs of a global

audience and rooting our decisions

in empathy.

“We design through words. We know that in communicating with other human beings, what we say matters and how we say it can really make or break how someone else receives that information.”

Jasmine P.

Director, Head of Central Design, Instagram

We’re embedded in Meta’s product teams to design the communication strategy for our product experiences. We partner with designers, product managers, researchers and product marketers to plan, create and improve product content. In addition to interface content, we work on information architecture, product terminology, education and marketing communications.

Meta has built one of the largest content design teams in the world. We’re focused on crafting quality content at scale, and evolving our approach to meet the needs of the future. We invest in the practice of content design—both by maintaining a rich internal dialogue and by engaging with and giving back to the broader content community.

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We are always looking for brilliant minds to join us. We have a commitment to grow our team with people who will pioneer technologies to bring people closer together at a global scale.

Design at Meta is a window into the unique expertise and perspectives of the multidisciplinary teams who are building the future of digital connection and bringing the world closer together.