Product Designers ensure our products

and features are valuable for people,

easy to use and of the highest level of

craft and execution. We utilize a full

range of product design, interaction

design, and visual design skills and

contribute to high-level strategic

decisions with the rest of the product

and executive teams.

" If you want people to build things that don't exist, that have never existed and that are innovative, you have to give them the opportunity and the room to fail, to make mistakes. Because that's the only way we can truly innovate and make things better. "

Tory H.

Product Design Manager, Video Design

Product Design plays a central role in the way we build products. Alongside Product Management and Engineering, our team carries equal weight in decision making and takes broad, conceptual ideas and turns them into something useful and valuable for our 2 billion plus users.

Product Designers help creatively solve big, complicated, real-world problems. By focusing on people problems and doing the simple thing first, we develop quality experiences for some of the world’s biggest, most challenging problems.

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We are always looking for brilliant minds to join us. We have a commitment to grow our team with people who will pioneer technologies to bring people closer together at a global scale.

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