Sound designers amplify the sensory

value of Meta’s technologies. We

collaborate with teams across the

company to design the experiences—

from interaction to immersive audio,

from voice assistants to music—and

drive the audio innovations that are

shaping the future of how people


“We’re crafting audio experiences that push beyond what is currently possible. In Meta technologies, heard in thousands of different spaces, a sound is the sign of one universal thing: a way to connect and bring people closer together.”

Siera S.

Sound Designer

Sound design works closely with hardware and software designers, engineers, researchers and product managers to design, create content, implement and test audio experiences. We advocate for the strategic role of audio in Meta’s technologies, centering our innovation, research and development efforts at our world-class recording studios.

The Sound Design team is made up of musicians, producers, audio engineers, designers, and more. We place a high value on diversity of experience: we represent many backgrounds and specialized areas of expertise. We prioritize responsible innovation and accessibility, as we strive to build technologies and programs that benefit all.

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